Ratos PIC NIC JAM – Caldas da Rainha

No RatosJAM at the usual place this year but there’s going to be a Ratos PIC NIC JAM at Caldas da Rainha concrete park.

Doesn’t mean you have to bring food for it, just come to ride and bring your friends.



More of CookieJam Whip drop to first place – Ollie Palmer

CookieJAM 2011 video and results, congratulations Ollie

Park Over 16s :

1st – Ollie Palmer

2nd – James Holmes]

3rd – Josh Webber (Punkus)


Park under 16s :

1st – George Dowse

2nd – Ben Comer

3rd – Jack Robinson


Under 16s rail : Reece Parr

Over 16s Rail : Phill Preston

Over 16s High Hop : Ollie Palmer

Under 16s High Hop : Ben Comer

Highest 180 : Harry Mills Wakely

Under 16s Stepup Best Trick : Reece Parr


Over 16s Stepup best Trick : Josh Webber (Punkus)

”The Fool” Best Trick : Josh Webber (Punkus)

Best Bail Of The Day : Josh Clark

Best Under 16s Overall Rider Of The day : Ben Comer

Best Over 16s Overall Rider of the day : Josh Webber (Punkus)

Under 16s Best Jump Box Trick : Toby Bougouneau

Over 16s Best Jump Box Trick : Jay Openshaw

Best Ghetto Quarter Trick : Josh Webber (Punkus)

Bike Hall Contest teaser

Sugar is sponsoring the BikeHallContest in Czech republic

We add the opportunity to support Bike Hall Contest and we did, here’s a video of last year edition, dont expect less this year.

Jean’s facebook photo…

Took this one from Jean’s facebook, spine whip at ride for fun jam

Ride for fun Jam

Nice Jam, nice park, prizes for everybody…


Flair barely tuching the light and an Invert by Jean…

Among the crowd and Jean having fun with a condom… alone :)

“FestiBike” SantarĂ©m city

Ruben oposite 360

Rebel of Dirt

Jean photo on a contest flyer in Brasil