UK’s bmx is getting sweeter everyday…

“Sugar Bikes have a new team rider for 2011, his name is Chris Smith, and he is from Wales (United Kingdom). Chris is a reputable street rider, who is known for busting big drops, gaps, rails and ledges. Chris will be using ‘The Frame‘ for all his 20″ riding, and is due to start filming a promo soon, which you will be able to watch here… Until then, here is a short web video of him in action


Full-Name: Christopher Wyn Smith…
Home Town: Welshpool (Wales, UK)…
Sugar Bikes, Faction Bike Co (22″), Vendetta Brand, Dephect, VP-USA, and components flowed through Zeal
Music: Metal, Rock, DnB, Breaks…
Spot to ride: Anything where you don’t get kicked out by security…
Current ride: Sugar Bikes
The Frame‘, with components from Zeal, for BMX. And Faction Bike Co, for 22″ riding
Plans for 2011: Travelling, muff, beer, bmx,
breaking wheels/cranks/pedals/arms, chilling. More Muff.


One response

  1. damo

    yeahhh boyyyy nice one ;)

    Monday, January 3, 2011 at 00:49

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